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Within the context of questioning many artistic structures, Improbable Connections wants to revindicate the essential role of the structures of art training, dissemination and production. Without them, it would be difficult for artists and thinkers, who contribute great value to society in general and a project such as Improbable Connections in particular, to continue researching and experiencing other ways of conceiving and constructing the world.
Creative pills
What are creative pills? [3 min.]
Successful collaborations between artists and organisations
i68 + Paola Tognazzi [3 min.]
Orbea + Cocreable [3 min.]
Lauaxeta Ikastola + Mikel Morlas [3 min.]
Fundación Anesvad + Carme Romero [4 min.]
Permanent. Call for organisations open for long/medium connections, and creative pills.
2013/01/16. Call for patrons open within Tabalakera, Donostia. Until March 20, 2014.
2013/03/19. Presentation of Conexiones improbables to representatives of the Chilean creative sector organized by the Centre for Competitiveness of the University of the Pacific, and Infyde, in Bilbao.
2014/03/20. . Deadline to apply to the New patrons call, Tabakalera.
In short

Evaluations 2011-2013

We have been working for several years with researchers from the WZB Berlin Social Science Center, who are engaged in problem-oriented basic research and are working toward solutions to societal issues. This publicly-funded Center is the largest social science research institution outside the university system in Europe. Our partner, a member of the WZB research unit "Cultural sources of newness" has been evaluating the collaborations produced by Conexiones improbables since we started in 2010. She has just released a series of 5 articles about the result of the research, based on testimonies of the responsible of the projects, the workers and the artists. The results are more than positive, and clearly show the importance of these projects for those who have participated in them and the impact they have had on both people and activities. [Image: map of project realized within Conexiones improbables]

The adventure of knowledge

The Spanish TV Channel TV2, within its programme La aventura del saber has broadcasted in February 2014 a 20-minute documentary about Conexiones improbables, with examples of collaboration between artists and organisations at Cruces Hospital, Silam, Orbea and Nekane Moda.

Who are the new patrons?

Is there something in your neighborhood or in your environment that you would like to invent, improve or resolve? Do you think that an artist could help? Apply to the call for New Patrons organised by Tabakalera (Donostia). It gives you and your group the opportunity to commission an art project that would respond to a physical or mental necessity. The only requirement is that the project should be related to archive, history and/or memory. Call open until March 20, 2014. Conditions and application form here. [Image: Jean-Luc Moulène, New patrons project in Excideuil, Dordogne, France].

Over 90% of participants in the creative pills greatly appreciates them

The evaluation (only available in Spanish) made by the WZB in Berlin of the 46 creative pills developed ​​in organizations of the Basque Country between 2010 and 2013 shows that participants have greatly appreciated them. To the question submitted to project managers, "Overall, do you think that the time invested in the project worth it? ", 93.7% said " Yes " (32 responses in total). To the question "Would you recommend to other people (of this or other organization) to participate in this type of interaction?", the 42 responses from project managers delivered a clear message, 97.6% saying "Yes". In the case of workers (58 respondents), 98.3% answered "Yes" and 1.7 % "Maybe". To the question "Would you recommend to other artists to participate in a creative pill", 84.7 % of the artists answered "Yes" (59 responses because in several cases they work as collective). [See all the available evaluations] [Image: creative pill Fundació Drissa + Mikel Morlas]

Call for companies now open

Do you want to experiment with the introduction of arts and culture into strategic and innovation processes? Get in touch with us to know the details of the 2014 call open to companies and organisations wanting to develop innovation projects in collaboration with artists and thinkers. / M: 673 608 790.