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Within the context of questioning many artistic structures, Improbable Connections wants to revindicate the essential role of the structures of art training, dissemination and production. Without them, it would be difficult for artists and thinkers, who contribute great value to society in general and a project such as Improbable Connections in particular, to continue researching and experiencing other ways of conceiving and constructing the world.
European Award
Conexiones improbables, second prize of N.I.C.E. Award 2014 (Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe), organised by the European Centre for Creative Economy in Dortmund (Germany).
Spanish TV
Documentary about Conexiones improbables by Spanish TV Channel TVE2, within its programme La aventura del saber, with examples of collaboration between artists and organisations at Cruces Hospital, Silam, Orbea, i68 and Nekane Moda.
[February 2014, 20 min.]
Creative pills
What are creative pills? [3 min.]
Successful collaborations between artists and organisations
i68 + Paola Tognazzi [3 min.]
Orbea + Cocreable [3 min.]
Lauaxeta Ikastola + Mikel Morlas [3 min.]
Fundación Anesvad + Carme Romero [4 min.]
More information available here about public presentations.
Permanent. Call for organisations open for long/medium connections, and creative pills.
Until January 18, 2016 Installation of Sra. Polaroiska, New Patrons project in Hernani, Tabakalera, Hall of the 2nd floor, San Sebastian.
2016/01/19. Presentation of Conexiones improbables within a Conference organised by Lean Logistics, Coslada, Madrid.
2015/02/25. Hibrilaldiak, introduction session of the second edition, at Donostia/San Sebastián 2016 main office (C/Easo)
In short

Hibrilaldiak: second edition is starting soon

The 6 projects of the first round of Hibrilaldiak (Algaraklown + Economistas sin fronteras, Bagera Donostiako Euskalzaleen Elkartea + Bigara, Ermua Mugi! + FurAlleFalle, Hasiera + Zaramari, Ikasteam + Vivero de iniciativas ciudadanas, Osakidetza OSI EEC + AATOMIC LAB) presented the results of their collaborations on December 17, 2015 at Donostia 2016 main building. The next round of Hibrilaldiak will start in February 25, 2016. More information soon available. [Image: Ermua Mugi! + FurAlleFalle]

Art and climate change

After a Call for Patrons organized by Artehazia, a third project starts with a trans-border group composed between others by the Surfrider Foundation. The New Patrons want to make visible the effects of the climate change in the Txingudi Bay. The project is supported by Fondation de France and Carasso Foundation. More information available in the next months. [Image: artistic project by Christine Wertheim and Margaret Wertheim about the disappearance of the Barrier Reef in Australia]

Stimulating, vitalizing, inspiring...

A report by the WZB (only availble in Spanish) analyzes the results of 76 improbable connections and compares them with artistic interventions carried out in German companies. The results confirm previous findings: both project managers and workers find the connections stimulating, vitalizing, inspiring, but also useful, surprising and fun. Both emphasize that they bring new ways of seeing things, and, at a personal level, fresh perspectives. 100% of the workers that have participated in creative pills in Irun would recommend others to participate in them; and 90.5% of project managers would also recommend so (9.5% answered "maybe"). [Image: creative pill Maushaus + Garbi]

Call for companies now open

Do you want to experiment with the introduction of arts and culture into strategic and innovation processes? Get in touch with us to know the details of the call open to companies and organisations wanting to develop innovation projects in collaboration with artists and thinkers. / M: 673 608 790.