AntartikalLab 2020


A total of 23 organisations from Navarra answered the call that was made last January by the newly created Antartika Kultur Container in order to participate in one of the three AuzoLabs to be conducted by using the open, collaborative innovation methodology of Conexiones improbables and whose challenge had to be linked to the social, environmental, educational or cultural field.

In addition, fifteen people from the artistic and/or creative sector, mostly residents of Navarra, were invited to present a preliminary project for one or two challenges. The three artists, to be defined as “Improbable Collaborators” during the AuzoLabs, will work across five sessions to obtain results for the challenges posed by using their applied creative methodology. Alongside these five co-creation sessions, the hybridisation programme also includes an initial Methodology Session and Presentation of Results Day, the latter of which is open to the general public and will be held in Pamplona.

The resulting pairs are:

  • Gardatxo Elkartea + Mikel Belascoain
  • Eutsi Pirineo + Marc Badal
  • Nommad + Bilal Dadou



Asociación Gardatxo Elkartea is a company whose main social goal is to photograph and catalogue the biodiversity in the Larraga area and its surroundings and also in terms of environmental conservation and reforestation.

Eutsi is a micro-cooperative company of associated social initiative work and is located in the Navarran Pyrenees. It works towards improving the quality of life of the elderly, children and young people as well as on the issue of rural depopulation.

Nommad is located in Pamplona and works towards developing participation projects, public policies and social, educational and cultural projects.



Asociación Gardatxo has proposed a research challenge concerning the creation of a space for debate on environmental issues and biodiversity, with the aim of raising awareness among generations from an early age.

Eutsi aims to work on the challenge of continuing to rethink and redefine the goal that gives meaning to the organisation: ageing in the towns and villages of the Eastern Pyrenees of Navarra, through initiatives that promote healthy living habits and intergenerational relations. The AuzoLab would therefore be a space for inner reflection.

Nommad will work on a project entitled “Olatuak/Waves” to define a gamification methodology that uses the creation of networks and dynamics to promote youth participation in matters of citizenship (mainly among teenagers and young children), with the aim of creating an impact in both their own territory and community.



The Improbable Collaborator of Gardatxo Elkartea is Mikel Belascoain, an artist, director of documentary films and expert in strategy. His artistic and cultural projects are characterised by hybridising various artistic disciplines and knowledge and forming multidisciplinary teams of highly talented national and international people. He is co-director of Filmmaking for Social Change and creator of Fábrica de Arte Nuevo. He has wide-ranging experience in training and also teaches the subject of Strategy and Change Management at MBA.

Marc Badal Pijoan works as an agroecological researcher and promoter and is the Improbable Collaborator of Eutsi Pirineo. He has published a number of books and articles related to rural culture and history, the food system and the agroindustrial model. He set up Kanpoko bulegoa, a think tank of applied thought about territory and rural issues, together with Anne Ibáñez Guridi in 2016.

Bilal Dadou is a visual artist and art therapist and educator who has been chosen as the Improbable Collaborator to work with Nommad. He has participated in artistic research, production and dissemination projects dealing with social inclusion and community participation in order to generate cultural networks. He currently collaborates as an art educator in the Inspiratu project in Pamplona and coordinates art therapy projects at educational centres in Madrid.



A theoretical training seminar on ways of intervening in non-artistic contexts that is aimed at artists and creative people living in Navarra interested in diversifying their professional practices.

  • When: Date to be determined
  • Duration: 4 hours (afternoon)
  • Where: Pamplona 
  • Limited places
  • Price: free.


Hands-on: 3 people participating in the course will be able to extend their training by joining a practical implementation process in AuzoLabs alongside the “titular” artist and one of the selected organisations. This hands-on training is unpaid.

This course aims to respond to a twofold reality:

  • The need of organisations to obtain creative inputs, new views that can help them to reinvent and transform themselves.
  • The desire of artists and creative people to put their skills at the service of other activity sectors as part of processes dealing with innovation, rethinking and exploring new paths of development.


Register open




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