Methodology recognised by the European Union as a Good Practice
for Developing Entrepreneurship and the Promotion of Innovation 2018

N.I.C.E. Award 2014
Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe

To innovate what needs innovating in the how.
Open innovation methodology to change and transform organisations and territories through artistically and culturally based hybridisation experiences
"Conexiones improbables goes beyond the classical bonds between art and business related to sponsorship or communication to enter into the transformation of organisations and their innovation strategies." José Miguel Galdona
Director of the RD&I Unit at Grupo i68, Donostia/San Sebastián
"Conexiones improbables is a European leader in providing new drive to the traditional economy and inputs for change of the digital economy." Bernd Fessel
Deputy Director of the European Centre for Creative Economy (ECCE)
"It is in their desire to know, participate and help that artists intervene and truly provide ideas, ask questions and probe in a different manner." Oscar García
Director of Innovation at Obe Hettich, Aizarnazabal, Gipuzkoa
"We business people need to look at things in a completely different manner. We must face other skills and a new (creative) logic that challenges our way of thinking. Otherwise, we become stuck. Artist-driven enterprise development provides us with new tools to think outside the box, thereby giving us a lot more than ordinary methods." Bertil Lindström
Citymöbler and Brittgarden Fastigheter, Suecia
"Artistic interventions in organisations are a source of new ideas, new methodologies and new ways of confronting problems. (...) The people involved in these processes realise that they have not been in vain, but have generated effects and impacts that they also hope will endure over time." Ariane Berthoin
Researcher at WZB (Berlin)
"It is fundamental to be open, receptive and intuitive. Artists should not have clear ideas of what they want to do beforehand, or many prejudices. In general, all artists should be able to look at reality from many different perspectives, ask unconventional questions, be inappropriate, curious, creative and, primarily, awaken the creativity and critical sensibilities of the other participants. They also need to be persuasive, but avoid being arrogant." Ricardo Antón
Artist Amasté (Bilbao)
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Urola Kosta-Lab

The two Creative Pills we conducted in the Mancomunidad of Urola Kosta have already led to results following a two-month period of co-research. Calderería Zue worked with Josian Llorente to create a new business line that involves an online service of cutting customised pieces and supplying these to end customers in a kit format. For its part, the result of the co-creation work undertaken by C.I.F.P. Monte Albertia and Pez Estudio was geared towards communication and internal organisation. They therefore created what they dubbed a “vital panel” that clearly displays which project each teaching staff member is working on and also their emotional state at any given moment as regards their work (how busy they are, availability, etc.).

These results thereby address the challenges posed by the two organisations. Calderería Zue wanted to devise a new product, while Monte Albertia sought to create (physical and non-physical) tools to continue maintaining the good atmosphere among teaching staff during times of heavy workloads.

The project is an initiative of the Mancomunidad of Urola Kosta, forms part of the programme entitled “Impulsar la promoción económica de Gipuzkoa a través de la contribución de la perspectiva comarcal” (Driving economic promotion in Gipuzkoa through regional perspective contributions) of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council and is financed by this latter organisation.


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Creative Pill with Bioef

We already have the results of the Creative Pill we conducted with Bioef, the Basque Foundation for Health Innovation and Research, which aimed to identify the crucial milestones in the cancer disease process in order to improve integrated patient care. In this video, you can see the theatre play that portrayed the work done with a pair that included cancer patients (with active, cured or chronic cancer), their family members and cancer, psycho-oncology and Active Patient Programme professionals. The play was performed at the International Conference on Integrated Care held in Donostia/San Sebastián on 1 April. A document has also been produced based on the structure of a theatrical script that underlined the physical and emotional moments (of patients, relatives and health professionals) during the 3 main moments of this disease: when the news is communicated, during treatment and at its outcome (whether positive or negative).

Bioef is working together with Conexiones improbables on a Creative Pill whose aim is to develop improved integrated care for cancer patients. The artists Mireia Gabilondo and Kike Rada from Tanttaka Teatroa are taking part in the joint effort, while the Basque Health Service (Osakidetza) has set up a working group comprising two oncologists, an oncology nurse, a primary care physician, the coordinator of the Active Patient programme and a psycho-oncologist), alongside patients who have either overcome cancer or are in the process of being cured and 3 relatives of these patients (one of whom has already passed away).

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Creative Pill in Kuartango

We already know the results of the Creative Pill that was organised to define the possible uses of Kuartango Spa. They specifically include a commitment to implement KuartangoLab, a people laboratory for innovation in rural areas that would take place over an entire week. It would be a space for experimentation in which multidisciplinary teams devise and develop innovative projects to address economic, social and environmental needs.

Conexiones improbables and the Valle de Kuartango Foundation have conducting the “Urratsera” project to identify new uses for the old spa facility in Zuazo de Kuartango, Álava, by using artistic- and cultural-based processes that can promote community culture and local development. The project has combined a work of shared strategic considerations with the Creative Pills format of Conexiones improbables.

The project has revolved around 4 agents: a steering group of strategic considerations, a broad group comprising people with stakeholders in the valley, a group of artists and the team at Conexiones improbables.

After identifying 6 possible scenarios for action, the broad group decided to work on the scenario that referred to leisure and nature. Nine people from the valley are working on this Creative Pill.


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Auzolab Social Inclusion

We are working in an Auzolab with the challenge of to improve the quality of life and increase the degree of integrating people who find themselves in a situation of social exclusion by using physical activity, promoted by the Department of Social Policy of the Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. The different one in this case is Athlon S. Coop.

The improbable collaboration is being developed with the idea of creating a SOAF (Physical Activity Orientation Service) at both a group and individual level for each person currently in a situation of social exclusion. At the same time, it aims to link these activities with the range of local sport on offer in order to facilitate access to physical activity for these people.

Work is therefore underway with a strategic reflection group that includes managers and technicians from the Social Policies and Sports Departments of Gipuzkoa Provincial Council. A steering group has also been formed made up of people in situations of exclusion with which collaborative work is being undertaken to design an individual itinerary of activities.

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Are you planning to start your business in the Cultural and Creative Industry? Are you an existing  entrepreneur for less than 3 years? Would you like to work with experienced European entrepreneur abroad?

Would you like to develop your entrepreneurship skills or business idea? Are you willing to build or already building your new business around your creative skills?

Apply now for the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs support!

c2+i/Conexiones imiprobables along with 7 partners within project EXCITE 2.0 has become a part of Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme focusing on the entrepreneurship in Creative and Culture Industries and we invite all the initiative and young entrepreneurs to participate.

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Landa Sortzailea

The Conexiones improbables team have worked on the conceptualization of a new project: Landa Sortzailea. Its objective has been to face a balanced and sustainable rural development. And we have done it because we believe that in a purely urban life environment, it is an urgent challenge to face the balanced development of the territory, propitiating the generation of new ruralities, the creation of a new role of the rural area in the economic environment but also social. In this aspect, there have been are several elements that have been fundamental to face: the progressive depopulation, in the aging of its inhabitants and the quality of life of these elderly people, the general lack of economic activity, the absence of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs, the new settlers (migrants with often have to work their labour and social insertion), and access to new technologies that new forms of work demand.

The program has been done through the AuzoLab format and has had the support of Innobasque.

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EU recognises Conexiones improbables as good practice

As part of a study on the role of public policies in developing entrepreneurship and the innovative potential of the cultural and creative sectors, a report by the OMC (open method of coordination) working group of Member States’ experts has recognised the methodology of Conexiones improbables as a good practice example in its section on “Inspiring user-driven and co-creation policy examples”. 

The report examines 5 areas (frame, structures, cooperation, users and territory) and only mentions 3 state initiatives as examples of good practices: Conexiones improbables, Barcelona Laboratori (in the same section on users) and Barcelona Arts Factories (in the chapter on territory), as well as Factoría Cultural in Madrid (as part of the European Creative Hubs Network). This places the Basque platform at the forefront of developing cultural innovation methodologies and brings it to the same level as other public or private initiatives in countries such as Finland, Norway, Holland, Germany or Austria.

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Methodology recognised by the European Union as a Good Practice
for Developing Entrepreneurship and the Promotion of Innovation 2018

N.I.C.E. Award 2014
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