N.I.C.E. Award 2014
Network for Innovations in Culture and Creativity in Europe

To innovate what needs innovating in the how.
Open innovation methodology to change and transform organisations and territories through artistically and culturally based hybridisation experiences
"Conexiones improbables goes beyond the classical bonds between art and business related to sponsorship or communication to enter into the transformation of organisations and their innovation strategies." José Miguel Galdona
Director of the RD&I Unit at Grupo i68, Donostia/San Sebastián
"Conexiones improbables is a European leader in providing new drive to the traditional economy and inputs for change of the digital economy." Bernd Fessel
Deputy Director of the European Centre for Creative Economy (ECCE)
"It is in their desire to know, participate and help that artists intervene and truly provide ideas, ask questions and probe in a different manner." Oscar García
Director of Innovation at Obe Hettich, Aizarnazabal, Gipuzkoa
"We business people need to look at things in a completely different manner. We must face other skills and a new (creative) logic that challenges our way of thinking. Otherwise, we become stuck. Artist-driven enterprise development provides us with new tools to think outside the box, thereby giving us a lot more than ordinary methods." Bertil Lindström
Citymöbler and Brittgarden Fastigheter, Suecia
"Artistic interventions in organisations are a source of new ideas, new methodologies and new ways of confronting problems. (...) The people involved in these processes realise that they have not been in vain, but have generated effects and impacts that they also hope will endure over time." Ariane Berthoin
Researcher at WZB (Berlin)
"It is fundamental to be open, receptive and intuitive. Artists should not have clear ideas of what they want to do beforehand, or many prejudices. In general, all artists should be able to look at reality from many different perspectives, ask unconventional questions, be inappropriate, curious, creative and, primarily, awaken the creativity and critical sensibilities of the other participants. They also need to be persuasive, but avoid being arrogant." Ricardo Antón
Artist Amasté (Bilbao)
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Latest news

Irun Open Innovation 2017

The date of 19 September marked the celebration of Irun Open Innovation 2017, a meeting focusing on open innovation promoted by the Irun City Council and organised by Conexiones improbables.

The conference day commenced with Cecilia Tham, founder of Makers of Barcelona and a Fellow at Singularity University, presenting a paper entitled “The era of metamorphosis” and it concluded in the afternoon with a paper by Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí, communication advisor and political consultant, entitled “Innovation: thinking outside the box”.

There were three panels in total throughout the day “External inputs for Industry 4.0”, “Technologies that change daily life” and “When nature inspires innovation”. The experts from each of these fields will recount their experiences and discuss each topic.

The programme can be consulted at: http://irunon.irun.org /images/ioi_programa-2017-digital.pdf


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Donostia Turismo

We are currently commencing a new project together with San Sebastián Turismo-Donostia Turismo that will include a planned Paths to Innovation workshop and Creative Maxi Pill.

The workshop is aimed at members of Donostia Turismo and will take place in May under the title “Inspiration for innovative tourism products and services”. Its goal is not to create a single product, but instead work on the knowledge and incorporation of innovation tools and methodologies that can be applied to daily procedures.

For its part, the Creative Maxi Pill will take place in autumn and focus on the challenge of generating new tourism product. The plan is to conduct it through a collective process that will try to involve as many members as possible and at certain moments it will also include the participation of active tourism agents such as the inhabitants of San Sebastián or professionals from other sectors. As always in the variety of projects conducted by Conexiones improbables, we hope that the people who participate in the Creative Maxi Pill learn more from the process than from the actual result.

Organisational innovation in industrial companies

Three Creative Maxi Pills are to be held in the autumn of 2017 as part of a programme entitled “Organisational Innovation in Industrial Companies. Creative Maxi Pills 2017”, an initiative promoted by the Irun City Council through Bidasoa Activa.

A total of 3 industrial companies from Irun with a different challenge are participating in the programme. Each organisation will work with 1 artist/creator throughout this three-month period with the aim of developing 3 different innovation projects: internal organisation and communication, the search for complementary capabilities of factory employees and extra motivation.

These Creative Maxi Pills share a unique feature, in the fact that an accompanying process will be activated to implement the results of the process in each of these companies.

The Creative Maxi Pills pairs are:

  • Placisa S.A. + Carlos Belda
  • Railtek Ingeniería Industrial S.L. + Diego Soroa 
  • Neumáticos Txepetxa + Pez Estudio


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Donostia/San Sebastián City Council Citizen Participation Workshop

The Citizen Participation Service of the Donostia/San Sebastián City Council has conducted a Paths of Innovation Workshop by using the methodology of Conexiones improbables.

The starting point of the workshop was that of an organisation aiming to innovate in its participation methodologies, so most of the people who attended were from the Citizen Participation service, as well as others from Social Action and Development. The aim was therefore to work on the knowledge of new methodologies, as this is one of the goals that the Department has set to provide a quality service daily.

The approach taken during the entire workshop was to reflect on each of the dynamics that were carried out in order to analyse the elements that bring innovation value to each of these and to consider what aspects could be incorporated into the activities that are developed by the participating departments.

The agents involved ultimately constructed their own Path of Innovation, which arose from the work they carried out over the two-day period of the Workshop.

Barrio Creativo Programme In The Ventas Neighbourhood (Irun)

Conexiones improbables has completed the 2016 edition of the Barrio Creativo (Creative Neighbourhood) programme launched by the Irun City Council, which aims to make the city’s neighbourhoods more creative.

The project was set up by using the AuzolArt format, whose methodology follows a participatory process that culminates in an artistic intervention to find out a way of addressing an identified need. After several working sessions with the Steering Group, an OpenLab took place that welcomed the participation of anybody in Irun who wanted to propose an idea.

The project was conducted in the Ventas neighbourhood of Irun and a Steering Group was formed for it comprising people from the Landetxa Neighbourhood Association, a mediator and the artist Ixi García (Pink Gorillas), as well as an artistic proposal suggested by Irun’s Kunsthal Higher Education Design Centre. rom all of these suggestions, the Steering Group decided that an artistic intervention should be carried out in a disused green zone, a triangular unlit open area measuring 6,500 square meters.

The mediator suggested various artists who could take charge of this intervention proposal and the Steering Group decided on Irun’s Kunsthal higher education design centre.

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We were in Amsterdam on 14 September participating in the NXT Conference: Making a Living from the Arts, where we talked about the company and culture hybridisation experiences we conduct at Conexiones improbables. We discussed this in the panel entitled “Social Impact and Social Innovation”.

And on 6, 7 and 8 October we will also be in Buenos Aires participating in Argentine Cultural Industries Market (MICA), working with the network of 54 creative cities in the country.


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